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Add value to the technology products you use.
To complete a solution, products and services are required.
VISION MAVRIDAKIS, with its long experience, know-how and constant updating of its human resources, provides its customers integrated solutions. The collaboration begins with a visit of a specialized technician in your area to write down your needs and prepare a study for finding the right solution for you, a financial engineering study for the system, the installation of the system by specialized technicians and finally technical support for the right and long-term operation of your system.
Our high quality services add value to all the products we trade.

Specialized services

Ask us for Certified Products that will be tailored to you, according to the requirements of your project.

In many projects to complete a solution, besides the products and the usual services, specialized services are also required.

VISION MAVRIDAKIS, with its long experience, know-how and constant updating of its human resources, provides its clients with the necessary specialized services on a case-by-case basis. Our technicians, in addition to the features mentioned above, are equipped with modern and specialized equipment so that they can offer quality and reliable specialized services or produce customized products.

Our goal is to find a technology solution for every customer according to their needs.

Εξειδικευμένες υπηρεσίες
24ΩΡΟ κέντρο λήψης σημάτων | VISION MAVRIDAKIS

24 hour alarm monitoring center

Complete your security system by connecting it to a 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring Center.
With the aim of ensuring the best coverage and security of our customers, we have been offering, since 1991, the Hour Alarm Monitoring Center
Services. With our gaze always looking in the future, we had predicted early on the importance of these services. When a security system is connected to a Monitoring Center, it is complete because, in addition to the alarm signals sent, signals are also sent about the status of the system and the area that it is installed.


High quality services

VISION MAVRIDAKIS studies the needs of each application, designs, proposes and implements integrated solutions and supports them after implementation. The suggested solutions are complete, easy to use, reliable and long lasting. The choice of the best companies from all over the world, the full range of materials, the great experience, the specialized personnel and the continuous research and information, ensure the excellent quality and price ratio covering every need in any building. Because truly smart solutions are both qualitative and affordable.

In VISION MAVRIDAKIS we devote time and attention on designing and preparing the solutions we propose, provide and support. Thus we achieve the high quality we have envisioned.

VISION MAVRIDAKIS was founded in 1991, with vision of growth, innovation and absolute customer service. Its object is the study, import, supply, installation and high technical support of high technology systems.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for any need in your applications, our engineers will serve you directly and responsibly.