Αiming at the best possible service and satisfaction of your needs, we offer complete security solutions, integrating the products and services that are essential for every occasion. We have alarm systems, fire detection systems, access control systems, CCTV, gas detection systems, door operators, ΕAS system and security lighting.


We offer integrated solutions combining world-renowned for their quality Panasonic call centers and devices, with reliable applications and superior service before and after sale.
We have a wide variety of telephone devices for hotel rooms and wireless communication devices. We also have a full range of certified structured cabling and fiber optic products from various manufacturers.

Οργάνωση γραφείων και καταστημάτων

Office and shop automation

We represent with full technical after-sales support a wide range of machines that can meet the needs of every office and every store or organization, no matter how high the requirements are. The choice of machines is made with very strict criteria and with the sole purpose of the proper coverage of our customer.We own cash machines, multifunction machines, printers, money detectors and banknote counters, coin counters and coin separators, staff presence systems, priority systems, waiter call systems and key and tool organizing systems.

Sound and vision

We offer professional solutions and products in announcement and music systems for public spaces, churches, shops and offices, hotels, Super Markets, train and bus stations, department stores, cruise ships, stadiums, parks etc. We have amplifiers and mixers, indoor and outdoor speakers, simple, watertight, fireproof speakers, garden loudspeakers, indoor and outdoor sound systems, funnels and sound projectors, wired and wireless microphones, consoles for conferences and announcements, volume controllers, conference and translation systems, presentation systems, projectors and projection screens.

Ξενοδοχειακός Εξολπισμός

Hotel equipment

We cover the needs of hotels, rented rooms, apartments and villas, bangalous, passenger ships, cruise ships and any hosting infrastructure in call centers and special hotel digital telephone devices, sound systems in rooms and public areas, special system for music in the baths of rooms, electronic locks, energy-saving systems, safes, fire protection systems, gas detection systems, alarm systems, public access control systems indoor and outdoor surveillance systems (CCTV), satellite and terrestrial television antennas, cash registers, clocks and staff presence systems.


Branded and reliable products with the guarantee of official representations

  • The long experience of our executives ensures a correct choice of products per case.
  • Our technicians work to deliver excellent work giving added value to the product.
  • Our culture ensures an excellent price-quality relationship of the produced work.
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